Megalux Light Technique Ltd.
1047 Budapest, Baross u. 37.
Tel: (+361)453-7050


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Quality policy

MEGALUX LIGHT TECHNIQUE Ltd is in the line of development, design and construction of light informing devices. Customers are in the focus of its activity. Its primary goal is the support and enlargement of customer satisfaction by operating the system efficiently; furthermore realisation, maintenance and perfecting organisational productivity. MEGALUX Ltd contstantly seeks to keep its place in the market of light informing devices and to gain growing share of it.
With regard to the global market trends, it established a close connection with a Chinese partner, who later became an important supplier. To keep its market position it is essential to operate and consistently develop a quality management system corresponding to the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard; and to sustain the international certifications of the firm that guarantee the continuous development, the constant and immaculate quality of its products and services, and the satisfaction of its customers.
MEGALUX Ltd makes an effort to completely match customer demand, studies concurrent devices on the Internet, at concerts and other events. By continuous and consciously coordinated development it grants the highest standard of its products, thus allowing them to satisfy the highest customer demands. In order to achieve its goals, the management supports and demands continuous training and self-training at all levels. The organisational structure is formed to be capable of smoothly performing productional and marketing activity. This is achieved by training, modernization and necessary regulation of the inner procedures, and by the expansion of the supplier circle. All the employees are expected to contibute to the firm's success with their personal knowledge and responsibility.

1 February 2017