The task of the control system is to transfer the information coming from different sources onto the display surface. Among others it is capable of displaying analog and digital video signals as well as textual information coming from internal or external sources.

The control system is a standalone unit that can be installed even at a large distance from the board. The control system is connected to the display surface by means of fiber-optic and electric cables. The former is responsible for transferring video and textual information to the display, while the latter is necessary for being able to remotely switch on/off the equipment and transferring other control information (such as diagnostics, analog and digital clock signals) to the board.

The central part of the control system consists of one or more computer workstations. The software running on it/them is responsible for displaying the information on the boards. Above the usual general purpose text-to-board, graphical and video player applications the control software might also include special sports and advertisement handling programs – depending on the exact purpose of the display equipment.

The board control software runs under Microsoft Windows 10. The control system is also completed with image and animation editing applications that extend the equipment with exciting new features.

We ship a separate multimedia workstation for our graphics and video boards. This computer is capable of digitizing video and assembling advertisement clips besides its graphics editing and animation creating capabilities. Fast video editing is made easy by a desktop VCR and a DVD recorder.