From the idea to realization


We provide unique solutions to our clients, preparing them in accordance with their needs.

As a first step, we help the inquirers to determine what they exactly need. Depending on the manner of usage, the attendance, visual range and angles, the makings of the spot, we make up the configuration of the devices with the most suitable technical parameters.

When the inquirer accepts our proposal, after making a contract, we start the design phase, in the course of which we work out the technical details and determine the way of linking together the elements of configuration. We also provide special solutions for the installation and later operation.

On the grounds of our designs our subcontractors, who also operate ISO quality management system, manufacture the subassemblies of the device. The components are purchased from market leader manufacturers of the industry (Nichia, Philips, Texas Instruments), who provide the best quality. Work phases and they end-product are strictly monitored during the whole manufacturing process.

The completed devices are assembled and thoroughly tested for days on our premises before our technicians dismount and prepare them for transporting to the spot.

The devices are assembled again on the spot, our technicians perform the final adjustments, and after a short test operation the display(s) are delivered to the customer.

Training of the operator crew is done in parallel with the installation. Operators learn the know-how concerning operation and maintenance of the devices, as well as the professional usage of the computer system needed for the operation.