Quality Policy

The management of MEGALUX Ltd is aware that in the field of light informing devices, the bases of development are services and products of expected quality that satisfy market demand at all times. This aspect is supported by the management via the operation of EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, which facilitates the expected consistency of quality of services in the long run, thus contributing to the enhancement of the level of costumer satisfaction.

The management of MEGALUX Ltd is committed to the continuous development and improvement of the factors affecting the quality of its services, which are guaranteed by the aid of well-defined goals and tools.

The main goals of MEGALUX Ltd:

  • modern, innovative, competitive services and light informing solutions based on measuring and learning customer demand,
  • continuous satisfaction of clientele, matching customer demand,
  • ensuring competitiveness by constant development and invariably meeting the expected deadlines,
  • ensuring, or rather exceeding the expected quality level of services and light informing devices via a controlled group of external suppliers and high-level qualification and years' experience of colleagues.

The tools of MEGALUX Ltd for realizing the main goals are:

  • precise learning of customer demand, market research and marketing activity,
  • development of service culture and light technique devices based on the market demands,
  • efficient operation of commercial, technological and logistic processes,
  • continuous development of quality management, organizing it to a controlled system, achieving efficient quality management along with optimal cost input, which is based on a reliable group of external suppliers, qualified colleagues, and providing reliable, permanently good quality light technique devices.

The goal of MEGALUX Ltd is that its introduced and operated quality management system always correspond to the requirements recorded in the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, and realize its goals formulated in the quality policy.

Budapest, 20 April 2018